Friday, 10 April 2009

[10.04.2009] Good Friday

Note: If you read my blog, it's exactly the same post, so don't waste time reading it for a second time, unless it was sooo good haha. :)

Happy Good Friday everyone! :)

Today marks the day that Jesus died for all of us, many many years ago. It also marks the start of a week-long holiday! Hahah.

Anyway! Today after church service (where they gave free hot-cross buns, woohoo! I was so happy hehe), we headed off for the famous fish and chips in Port Melbourne. I was pretty excited, considering I've heard so much about it. Supposedly there's a tradition about fish & chips and Easter, but no idea what that's about. *shrugs*

So off we went!

The place.

We shared a set for 4 people between 5 of us (Pammie, Jilly, Bianca, Venxhin and I), and we ended up not being able to finish it anyway. Haha.

Chips and potato cake.
Didn't manage to take pics of the fish, prawns and calamari
cause I forgot in my hunger. Haha.

Sat by the sea because there weren't enough seats at the shop.

The view.

Started throwing chips to the seagulls.

The, uh, seagulls.
Not pelicans. Hahaha. *winks to Kitmun*

Can you see the chips in two of the seagulls' beaks?

Then began to feed them in the strangest ways.

On his head, my friends, are chips on a tissue.

And finally, you guessed it, posed and took pictures like there was no tomorrow :)

Ah, I take such pretty pics. :p

Group pic.
Ok I know this one is pretty off, but I didn't know the back would be so bright.

Pammie and Jilly!

Stasha with her awesome posing skills! Hahah.
Was trying out the continuous shots and she totally killed it. Haha :p


Us: "Seagulls!"
From the looks of it, the first thing in Cheng Joon's (right) head
was the fear of seagulls pooping.

More continuous shots. Only, this time, watch the two guys at the back. The 3 girls in front are just to attract attention. Hahah. :p

Then Eric wanted to learn how girls sit cross-legged.

Learning from the sifu, Su Li.

He doesn't seem to be doing very well.

Nick, the pro.

Finally masters the art. Haha.

"Emo boyband group" pic.
Apparently the way Eric emo-s is to blow kisses. Hahaha.

The gay/act cute pic.

To salvage their ego, they did a macho pose.

Girl pic!

Pouting pic!
With a... um... nvm. Hahah.

1 to 10 rule!


Eric doing his levitation act.

Later Stasha, Kitmun, Mavarick, Nick, Cheng Joon and I walked around a little while the rest went back first. Then we sat around and talked and the girls (except me) dog-watched. At one point, two cute dogs pass by, and Mavarick goes, "The first one looks like Nastasha, and the second one looks like Kitmun."

Later, as I watch the dogs go on their way, suddenly I go, "Oh. Nastasha just pee-ed."

A random sign on the floor.

Easter in 2 days! :)


Kir Mun said...

Wheee!!! I am the first to post a comment tis time. Hahaha, Janice I dunno what u r tokin bout... I alwizzz knew what pelicans were larrrr:P. The guys are the pros lerr......their pics are awesome haha. As for poor stasha, it is gonna be real hard for her to be discrete now lol.

janice said...

yes kiRmun.. hahaha i'm sure u alwiz knew what pelicans were :p

eh the girls are awesome too ok! :p

and yes it will be hard for her, won't it. hehe!

Emily T said...

Thanks for the pictures Jan! Your captions are so so funny! Haha especially the ones about the guys' posing. :D

janice said...

haha tqtq :)

if u want the pics, pass me ur thumbdrive ok. i have like a gazillion. -.- especially from the continuous shots. :)

*~NASTASHA~* said...

Hahahaha!!! I agree with Em'z. Ur captions r hilarious! N u got some awesome shots too (esp of the 2 chips in the greedy seagulls' beaks). Those greedy seagulls. Ate lemon juiced chips and shivered, and still came back to eat the stone hidden inside the chip Cheng Joon planted for them.

Will definitely get photos off u. OMG how did u put all of my faces in the same shot!!

Must've taken u ages to upload all this and type stuff too.

And yes to everyone. How on earth am I going to walk around in public now that u all "know" that "I" pee in public? BAhahahaha. The dog we called Janice (who incidentally, owns a car and a butler to open the door for her) went to the bathroom to pee...much more discreet. I shd take a page out of her book.

Ur doin a beautiful job!!=D

janice said...

hahaha. nola didn't take me that long. needed a break from studying anyway. hehe. and thanks for reminding me that "i" had a car and butler, forgot about that. haha. :)