Sunday, 31 August 2008

31.08.2008 - Merdeka Dinner @ Malaymas

"Tanggal tiga puluh satu,
bulan lapan, lima puluh tujuh..."

... and I don't know the lyrics from there. Ask Weng Yan, she was singing the whole night. Hehe!

I'm back to spam the cg blog with more pics. :)

In the spirit of Merdeka! :)
Blue, white, yellow & red, the colours of the Malaysian flag!
Stasha, Meliza, Janice & Kitmun.

The unpatriotic girl. Hahah. :p

Cheng Joon, pointing his chopsticks at Chris. -.-"

Nick and Mavarick.

Sorry, you'll realise after a while that I take random shots. :p

Nick, with all his & Mavarick's food.
How much did they order?

This much. -.-

Pak Cham Kai!!!!! :D
Please refer to this post to know what the fuss is about. :)

The food Janice ordered, some Cantonese... er... kong fu chow. :p

Merdeka! :)

Isn't it wonderful knowing that everyone back in Malaysia has a public holiday tomorrow, and we patriotic Malaysians overseas don't... oh the joy. Hahah.

Happy Merdeka everyone! :)


~nick~ said...

who's waiee? i still dunno =p lalala

*~NASTASHA~* said...

The one who ate KUNG FU CHOW!

*If u didn't get the pun: cracks lame joke abt martial arts and Leng Lui Weng Yan*=P

mousie said...

whoaaa... why am i suddenly in this also? haha

mousie said...

wai ee dear, thanks so much for uploading and blogging here. it sure is memorable and nice and fun!! :) appreciate your time and blogging skills. hee...

hugs xo

waiee aka hot chic said...

nick: how can u not know the hot chic??? :( hahah

wengyan: haha no problem! i suddenly feel quite syok spamming the blog with pics. i'm even updating this blog before my own personal blog! haha. let's go out more! hehe. :)

~nick~ said...

when is the get to know nick section? XD
i have 3 questions alreadi! =)
person or persons who get full marks get(s) to go on a date wif nick or hv nick treat dem 2 lunch/dinner! haha! =) males, females n animals included! =)

mousie said...

wow nick. are u serious bout that? lol!! =P then, i wanna win!!!!!! hahaha

since u're one of the authors, u can also post up a get to know ;) go ahead and diy!

if u're too lazy, bug wai ee to do that! hehe

*~NASTASHA~* said...

U mean animals are eligible too?
Tt's AWESOME. Bec SNAY LEE wants to hv a go too.

~nick~ said...

hahaha. of course...unless too many ppl win...den it'll only be freddos! haha! =) s for animals, onli cute ones r eligible =p lalala....
n ven xhin is putting it up4 me =)