Wednesday, 27 August 2008

26.08.2008 - BlueFire

* Edited. Added a few more pics.

Selena: As promised. =)

Tuesday 26th August 2008. BlueFire. Black-tie cell event. Sexy meat. Unlimited mouth-watering beef, lamb, pork, chicken, sausages, calamari and rockling fish, grilled to perfection. Sinfully delicious chocolate truffles, rochers and mango cheesecakes. Laughter, fun and loads of nonsense. "Manly" eating. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Need I say more? =p

Some of the pics, with some stolen off Facebook. Haha.

The interior of BlueFire.

The guys: Duane, Eric, Cheng Joon

The girls: Weng Yan, Pammie, Stasha, Joyie, Janice, Jillian, Emily

Janice and Stasha, who thought they were late,
but turned out to be one of the earliest. Hahah.

Mavarick, Eric, Duane and Cheng Joon.

Jillian, Pammie, Wengyan

Janice and Emily.

Weng Yan and Stasha.

Stasha with her mango cheesecake.

Superstar and her assistant.

Pouting pic.

Clockwise from top left: Joyie, Zarif, Emily, Samuel, Victor

Some building. Haha.

Janice, Wengyan, Joyie, Amanda, Pammie, Jillian, Emily, Stasha

Eric, being gay,
and Duane, sitting there blurly.

At the end of the day: bloated.


mousie said...

wow. look at this.
my champion girl posted this entry!
u're not a hopeless author anymore! =P

thanks heaps my dear girl :)

mousie said...

oh, by the way girl...
bluefire was yesterday - 26th!

and i want your full set of photos.
gimme sd card / thumbdrive

see u soonish at ignitie!

Cheng Joon said...

wow i look awesome in that first photo

champion girl said...

wengyan: u mean i was the hopeless author u were talking about in the email?? sob sob.. hahah...

chengjoon: hahah wait till u see that pic of you posing individually while waiting for the tram. ;)

mousie said...

lol.. i think i referred to hopeless authorS in my earlier email =P not just one hopeless author. hee. thanks heaps ya girl! :)

also, can u post venxhin's answer and then get a new person for another get-to-know? :)

janice said...

okie :)

*~NASTASHA~* said...

I <3 the photo of u n I, Yan!=)
Turned out nicely!=D

*~NASTASHA~* said...

and hot chick!!=D
Thx for the wonderful collage (used correctly?^^)

mousie said...

i love it too darl :)