Sunday, 13 April 2008

get to know: JANICE

Hi girls!

I thought we need to be more interactive and try to know each other more...
So, I'll post up a question about a particular cg member,
And you should try to guess the right answer related to her ya!

We'll start with Janice this week k?

Post your answer by clicking on the "COMMENT" link below.


Janice is obsessed with _____________________ ??

A. Char Kuey Teow ( Fried Noodles)
B. Pak Cham Kai ( White Chicken)
C. Char Siu Pau ( Pork Bun)
D. Indo mee


*Ă‘astasha* said...

I think it's B!

I know A is for Ven Xhin....
C cannot be for Weng Yan.

*~NASTASHA~* said...

Anyway^^ I tot the whole point of this was for me to find out the ans so I diligently smsed her but janice won't tell me....

*sob sob*^^

cel said...


janice said...

hahaha oh was that y u smsed me, stasha? hahaha i tot u wanted to get it right, so u smsed me b4 answering hahah... oops! =p

and btw i'm not as glutton-ish as this makes me sound... i really have a good explanation for this... hahah -.-"

mousie said...

lol!! that's so funny nastasha =P i sure hope u'll still love janice after this.. haha!

will reveal the answer slightly later (let's give a chance for the others to guess the answer as well).. and we'll hopefully get a GOOD explanation from Janice for this obsession! =P

and to whoever who posted / edited / included janice's photo here, thank u very much! i only typed... no creativity juice to think that a photo of the "hot" girl would be nice! =P

gotta run to uni! ta!

chiaro said...
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Ven Xhin said...

I'm not that obsessed with char kuey teow stasha! =P
oh wells =DDD
I'm guessing C just for fun..! xD

janice said...

The quiz has ended, and the answer is B! Hahah. Stasha won! Hahah. =p

*~NASTASHA~* said...

Now I get to eat a teddy bear just like Janice is doing in that photo!=D

And yeah...whoeva put that photo up~U got my kudos!

mousie said...

good try everyone of u who tried :)

janice is obsessed with her pak cham kai.. if u wanna know more, go pinch her nose and ask her why! =P

btw, pammie's next! go try answering her question! (: