Monday, 19 May 2008


We've taken quite a fair bit of photos lately eh?
I'm only gonna upload some of the group pictures here.

oh, the adventures we had that afternoon with celeste's koreanish attempts!
and the unforgettable generosity from Selena's mommy =D
(anzac day)

group pikcha outside the restaurant

sunday lunch at ito
sorry to the other side of the table... no pic of you all over there! =P

our last night as all-girls cg

big day "out" in church

For ALL the photos that we took (at least from my camera), please go to my multiply's site. If you aren't my contact there, you can't view anything... So email me and I'll hook you up to my multiply site, then you can freely browse around! Oh, and I'm too lazy to upload any photos onto Facebook too! =P


janice said...

yaay! thx girl! me like! :D

especially the fact that you can dwl bigger versions of the pics instead of the small ones on Facebook. =D


mousie said...

u're welcome!! :)

now that u've downloaded and uploaded (onto ur blog)... go stardeee! =P