Tuesday, 13 May 2008

get to know: KIT MUN

okie... so, it's time now for us to get to know Kit Mun a bit more eh? ;)
psstt... hurry and answer, then everyone gets an opportunity to be "known"

At the age of 7, Kit Mun longed to be a _____________________??

A. Boss
B. Dancer
C. Singer
D. Stewardess

Post your answer by clicking on the "COMMENT" link below.


janice said...

uh oh... so hard to choose... hahah i 'm tempted to go with "Boss" cause it sounds like something kitmun would say hahah, but i'm gonna go with C. ;)

*~NASTASHA~* said...

I shall go for D b/c stewardesses are hot and I'm assuming Kit knew that when she was 7.^^

BUT at age 7, I think I'd see Kit as a Boss (if I knew her then^^)!

Ven Xhin said...

Just to be different, I vote for B,Dancer!! =PPP

~nick~ said...

C! becos singers r young, cute/pretti n famous! i tot boyzone was so cool wen i was 8! =p

*~NASTASHA~* said...

i wonder when the ans will b out=P

mousie said...

lol! kitmun doesnt visit this blog. i'll do the revealing of answer..

the right answer is A - BOSS!!