Sunday, 18 May 2008

ps sally doery - I KNOW

Thought I'd just type out these few points from this morning's sermon, so we can chew on the precious Word of God, and really have the Word living inside us! :)


Faith Principles We Need To Know: * 1 Samuel 17 *
(so we can know what to expect when we walk in faith, not sight)

  1. Faith attracts opposition
    David walked in faith to kill Goliath. Even though he ventured out in faith, there were oppositions. Opposition by: (a) his older brother - 1 Sam 17:28; and (b) king Saul - 1 Sam 17:33
  2. Faith defies logic and reason
    Common sense says David will not be able to defeat Goliath. Logic says David is just a small boy and Goliath is a huge giant. Reason says David doesn't have what it takes to kill a giant. But, faith says, you can move mountains and soar on wings like eagles!
  3. Faith sees things differently
    The Israelites see Goliath and ran away in fear. David sees Goliath as someone who ought to be dead, for he defies the armies of the living God. Can you see something others can't see? Can you hear something that no one else hears? Step out in faith and obey the call of God. The Almighty requires our obedience, and He will take care of the results.
  4. Faith requires courage
    I sure believe that it takes courage for David to step out and say "Your servant will go and fight him" (1 Sam 17:32)! We need to be bold and courageous in pursuing the things God calls us to.
  5. Faith confuses people, it will be misunderstood
    As David walked in faith, others around him misunderstood him. Some thinks he's pretty arrogant; others think he is naive. But he is simple. He just has faith.
  6. Faith has supernatural consequences
    With one stone, David killed Goliath. If that's not supernatural, I don't know what is. Try killing a chicken with just one stone. Can you do it? =P
  7. Faith always has a bigger objective than the immediate
    The battle in 1 Sam 17 isn't just about killing Goliath. There's a bigger reason - that God may be glorified, that the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel (verse 46). Even as we walk in faith, we need to keep in mind that ultimately, God should be praised and glorified!! =D
  8. Faith looks very different in different people
    God gives us faith accordingly (Rom 12:3). Each of us has our own measure of faith. Go with what God's given you. Don't compare yourself with another.
This is just some of the notes I took down.
If you've got anything to add, please do! :)

May our hearts and spirits be encouraged to live by faith, always!
Love lots.

p.s. cel, pray you will be blessed. meditate on 1 Sam 17 k? xoxo


janice said...

i really loved ps sally's message today! :)

thanks for putting this up wengyan! :)
i was thinking of putting something like this up on my blog too, but since you aredi did, i don't have to. hehe. :D

mousie said...

u're welcome babe :)

i love ps sally's sermon yesterday too! but this is just 3/4 of what was spoken into my heart. you've got anything to add?

share share notes laaaaaa =P

oh, do u like what i added to point number 6? i thought i was pretty cute! har har.

janice said...

hahaha do u really want me to try it?? =p

haha some of the things she said which i liked were:

"Never underestimate the power of a faith statement, even when you think no one is listening."

"God takes things that are overlooked to defeat that which cannot be overlooked."

Additions to #1 (Faith attracts opposition)
- Sometimes it comes from those you least expect.

Yea that's about it. Haha. My notes not that great since I type into my hp, but at least it's faster & neater than writing. Hehe. =p

mousie said...

"God takes things that are overlooked to defeat that which cannot be overlooked."

aaaaaahhh... this was the phrase i couldn't pen down! (i know she repeated this a few times... but i was too slow - trying to process the meaning of the phrase in my head - so i missed it! lol!) seeee? notes sharing is good! :)

weee weeee! thanks wai ee! :)

whoever else can add to this post, please do!! xo