Wednesday, 25 March 2009

[25.03.2009] First Cell

The first cell for the year started off with everyone waiting for the two ice-breaker people, namely Kitmun and the hot chic, yours truly. Haha. We played the blanket game! Again. Only without a certain crazy person who screamed to scare the other side. Hehe! :p

Worship by Stasha, followed by word from Pammie. She spoke about why God allows us to face hardships and all, and I found this line from her particularly good:

"We like sunshine and rainbows but God knows the importance of rain."

And I was like, wow! It sounds like that wave-upon-the-shore thing that she said last sem, which I've already forgotten, but I remember all of us were like "WOWWWW". Hahaha. And it's true because rain is important. Though people refer to it as dreadful weather and stuff (yes I am one of those people, especially during winter >.<), but hey, without rain, there would be no rainbows! :)

Then prayer groups, and since Venxhin had to make her baked nachos (which was yum btw), Hannah and I went to help her. And because the three of us don't usually use ovens, I swear, we sat there in front of the glass door and watched until the cheese melted and started to bubble, to which we (or, well, I) pointed excitedly and squealed, "Look! Look! The cheese is bubbling!"

Yes, I'm sorry, I'm jakun (or weird) that way. -.-

Hahah. And Meliza's banana chocolate chip muffin which she made from scratch... Mmmm hmm. :)

So that was our first cell of the year. I don't know why I'm blogging about it when most of you were there to experience it, but I thought it'd be nice to write down so we can read it sometime in the future and go, OHH this is what we did last time. Hehe.

Until the next post (I still remember the poem I promised, don't worry :p), miss me!


Kit Mun said...

Hehe, cel was good as alwizzzzzz:D.

But there is no denying that leng lui's and yours truly's presence made it better lar hehe.

Ooo and i liked the part bout the rain too. Makes sense cos the rain nurtures the earth which in turn nourishes the plants making em grow!!!:D

Kudos to pwincess pammie, stasha, ven xhin, jillian and meliza wheeee:P.

Keep it up leng lui :D

*~NASTASHA~* said...

Eh. Perasan betul Kitty! WHO was LATE that first cell meeting??? (glares).

Hahahaha I am only joking. I know u girls were angelic, waiting for hannah, which i thought was sweet=)

Anyhow, it was an awesome ice breaker and I'm happy tt cell's finally STARTED agaiN!!!=)

ps. The only dwarf tt didnt get caught. LOL.=p

janice said...

kitmun: hahah yup! we brought the life to the party. hahaha. :p

stasha: hahah of coz we are. :)

princesspammie said...

stasha: haha love your glare! (: