Monday, 16 March 2009

[14.03.2009] Social - Picnic

Hello all once again!

Because Mavarick wonderfully poked us for not doing a good job (dunno what to updateee), I decided to write about the picnic we had on Saturday.

So let me tell it from my point of view. Anyone else is welcome to blog from their point too. :)

I woke up that Saturday morning and was very delighted to see that it was bright and sunny. But the moment I stepped out of the bathroom after brushing up, it was gloomy and raining. -.-

So like Nastasha so aptly put it on her blog, we ended up having a "Pick-Nick" instead. We spread out the picnic mat on Nick's living room floor as though we were still picnic-ing. And as usual, the food was awesome! Not to mention a certain potato salad hmm? *wink*

Pammie's yummy muffins
- peanutbutter & jelly and er chocolate I think?

24 people turned up, which made me worry that we wouldn't have enough food. But somehow it was enough, and I remembered the story of Jesus feeding the multitude. No joke! Hahah.

Had two rounds of introduction. Went around talking and eating, listening to stories of NS and guns and bombs (so fun!), trying to ignore Mavarick who kept saying I put on weight (the evil guy), and eating again. Hehe.

All in all, it was a fun indoor picnic, which we should try doing again, preferably outdoors this time. :p

I have only one picture! Sorry, I was busy eating, sob sob. But if you guys have any pictures, please let me know or edit my post and add them k.

Also, those who went for the International Student lunch, this is your chance to blog about it! :)

Signing off,
The hot chic


D@rkCrusader said...

When was I evil !?!.

Actually, you look nicer since you gain a tiny little bit of weight :)
Now you had become a hotter chic mah.

I'm always like the nicest guy around lor.... my nice intention being misinterpreted as usual.... Aiya.... :(

janice said...

hahah sure anot! don't bluff me. but i believe u when u say i become a hotter chic now. hehe tqtq! :D