Thursday, 9 October 2008

Get to know: Mavarick

Anyway these are the Get to know ME Questions. Hope they are not too easy for our own CG's Ace detectives.

Q1. Which of the following about my Love for Sport is/are TRUE

1) I love playing soccer (Singapore's Ronaldo in the making)

2) I am obsessed with Nike products (Shoes, Bags, T-shirt, Jacket, Pants and Shorts I have them all)

3) My favourite Sport is Table Tennis (That’s why I’m in T.T Club)

4) I hate golf (Gold is a old-man sport)

A) All

B) None

C) 1 & 3

D) 2 & 3

E) 2 & 4

Q2. My favourite past-time (of the following) is:

A) Watching Historical Documentaries

B) Blogging

C) Cooking

D) Driving

E) Shopping

Q3. My favourite colour is

A) Black

B) Orange

C) White

D) Teal

E) Navy Blue

Attention: Whoever got them right will be entitled to a lunch/ bubble tea treat from D@rkCrusader.


janice said...


1) E
2) D
3) A

Yes? Yes? Bubble teaaa... hahah ;)

D@rkCrusader said...

Whaa.. I just spot my typo error.. Golf not Gold la. Sorry.

Ven Xhin said...

i hope i get them right xD

1. C
2. D
3. A


Junereth said...


I can't remember if I saw a lot of Nike products in your room when I was there. I usually went to your laptop straight away X)

Since you said once after church that you wanted to go to Smith Street to shop around I'll go with shopping being your hobby. I know you said you like going if you're accompanied by friends.

The last one is just a wild guess, I don't make it a habit to ask people what their favourite colours are :p

So amirite amirite?

princesspammie said...

eeks.why the questions so hard one!!
1. C
2. D
3. E

bubble teaaaaaaaaaa

D@rkCrusader said...

I don't know they are that hard. Ask Nick yesterday... he also cannot answer... Muahahaha.

~nick~ said...

m i supposed to answer? =p

1) B
2) A
3) D

q1: i know for sure mavarick is lazy as...such a couch potato! n i've never seen u buy anything from nike dis yr...but ur fav jacket, shoes n t shirts n bag r frm sumwhere else =p n u alwaiz go play golf wif mummy n sis in msia! =p

q3: the onli wierd colour is the one i assume u like. cos the rest r pretty normal =p

q2: i didnt realli know xcpt u dun like blogging, cooking n driving tt much =)

mavarick is BAD!!! =p

D@rkCrusader said...

Yup. I am so BAD to set such a tough questions

So Right now

Q1 A & D
Q2 B & C
Q3 B & C

Got no takers.

Anyone want to take them?

meliza said...

Wah like that ah.
hmmm, i think your questions are so tough too! i was like sweating cold sweat when i read it. hahah.
eh why Qn 1 no pool one? i tot u liked pool. oh wells, i'll go with

you don look like the soccer type,hee, and i just have a feeling you like adidas inst of Nike, i dunno why, then i nv knew u were in TT club! more like pool if there's one. dunno about golf. =p

Q2. E
hahaha,had tough choice between A and E. A is coz it's so funny, but decided to go with E coz i know u kinda like shopping, since u wanted to go shopping inst of kbox!hahaha.

Q3. E
dunno. u look like the navy blue person.=p

so? so? bubble tea? =D

mousie said...

Q1 - C
Q2 - E
Q3 - C

buffet lunch for me? lol ;)

D@rkCrusader said...

Am I always so blue that almost everyone thinks that I'm a blue person?

Haha? Anyone else want to have a go at the quiz.

Till now KO... no survivor le...

Mavarick is really very BAD lor.

*~NASTASHA~* said... the post full of codes?

Junereth said...

Why are there several comments deleted?

D@rkCrusader said...

One of them was deleted by me. I was about to gove more clues... But realised that not everyone had answer yet.

Stasha, Emily, Kit Mun and the rest... plz do try to get them right.

I now almost suffering from depression....Zzzz...

*~NASTASHA~* said...

Stasha clockin in with:

D@rkCrusader said...

There is no one that got all correct so far.

There is (someone/a few) that had the most correct compared to the rest.

If no one else is able to give a better answer than (her/him/them). Then (her/him/them)will be eligible for the Bubble Teazz..

The Quiz is closing on 6p.m Wednesday 15th Oct. :)

Ven Xhin said...

it should be closed already!
i wanna know the correct answers!!!!

D@rkCrusader said...

Ps. I was working on my project in uni just now.

The correct Ans is B.A.D.


I only watch soccer but never play it

I am obsessed with Converse not Nike

I am in T.T club but my favourite sport is pool and bowling

I do play golf. How can I hate it if I play it?

Q2. My favourite past-time is gaming which is not in the list, next is everything history especially war documentaries. Which is follows by eating. Haha.

Q3. My favourite colour is Teal not Black or Blue. Black is just my (favourite colour to wear) coz most things like clothes look weird in teal.

Hence the prize winner is Nick, Meliza and Nastasha. Nick only got Q1 right on the first try too. The other 2 are his revised answer.

D@rkCrusader said...

For those who think I like Nike, a bit too not observant leh bah.
(Pammie and Cheng Joon). I dun even have a single Nike Top, bottom nor shoes in Melbourne la. I would have though my favourite white bag, black jacket,red Tee and black shoes are just too glaringly Converse.

*~NASTASHA~* said...


Man so paiseh wei.
We really gotta get 2 know u betta!=P

Who would've guessed Mavarick is B.A.D.? HAHAHA...SO NICK got some hints off u, did he?=P

Junereth said...

woi, my answer said i didn't think you were a nike fan