Friday, 5 September 2008

get to know: NICK HO!

(ven xhin forgot the reward!)
Males/females/stuffed animals who get these right are entitled to a dinner/gelato date with Nick Ho himself!

Yay, our favourite (and slightly disturbing) cute-good boy!
sorry, flashbacks of yesterday's icebreaker still haunt me...

I have those terrible slicked-down-hair-goodboy shots of you but decided to go with this one =D

Nicks decided to set his questions in some complicated Med format that is supposedly very tricky to answer!

Q1. Which of the following statements regarding Nick are true?
A. Nick failed a driving test by speeding in a school zone
B. Nick got caught speeding at 160km/h on a freeway
C. Nick failed a driving test for failing to stop at a stop sign

D. Nick got his first demerit point over the summer holidays and has a total of one demerit point now.

1) If only A, B and C are correct
2) If only A and C
3) If only B and D
4) If only D
5) If all are correct

Q2. Which of the following statements regarding Nick's obsession with pink are true?
A. Nick has a giant pink soft toy bunny
B. Nick has at least one pink polo tee
C. Nick has one pink shirt
D. Nick has a hot pink tie

1) If only A, B and C are correct
2) If only A and C
3) If only B and D
4) If only D
5) If all are correct

Q3. Who of the following has more skincare products than Nick?
A. Nastasha
B. Selena
C. Wenting
D. Enoch
E. No one


Snay Lee said...

Why are we complainin in the Cbox and not here?

(Is it bec of the fairly intuitive guess tt this is reserved for ans only?=P)

I'm clocking in 2 / 3 ans.

Q1 (pending)
Q2 (1)
Q3 (D)

LOL I hope I hvnt disqualified myself from the prize already!=P
*dun 4get. Snay Lee is gonna clock in too*

*~NASTASHA~* said...

LOLz at VX's
"sorry, flashbacks of yesterday's icebreaker still haunt me..."


ps. Stupid Snay Lee was supposed to write Nastasha but he messed up=P

Meliza said...

ooh, i go for
Q1: 1
Q2: 1
Q3: D

haha, oh my gosh, these are really tricky. do i get a raspberry muffin if i get it right?

janice said...

Q1: 4
Q2: 5
Q3: B

I swear I'm tembak-ing all the way. Hahaha. If no one gets all 3 right, does someone who gets 2/3 right win? =p

and are u two girls serious, u both think Enoch has more skincare products than Nick??? hahaha...

*~NASTASHA~* said...

Well, hot's a tough one, that.

Both so vain, they shame me as a girl=P

OK my final ans.
Q1 (3)
Q2 (1)
Q3 (D)

I just don't think that u failed so many times. But yeah well. I'm not sure if u hv a tendency to speed either>.< C'mon get it rite!!

mousie said...

this is so deefeecult! :(

i'll go for....

Q1 - 4
Q2 - 5
Q3 - D

haaaaaaa.... i SURE WIN! (i hope! lol!!) =P

Anonymous said...

Okay I don't know answers to Q1 and Q2 but I DO know Q3!!

It's D!!!

Haha that's one mark for me!

Emily T said...

Oops, anonymous was me. Sorry!

~nick~ said...

why does everyone tink tt enoch has more den me???
n emily: y r u so sure abt q3? lol =p

Ven Xhin said...

Sowwy nicks if I get wrong >.<

Q1 - 4
Q2 - 5
Q3 - D

p.s. if it actually exists, please show me your hot pink tie one day

mousie said...

venxhin copied cat!!! =P
same answer as me!!!
teacher, she cheating cheating!

Gilbert the Cow said...


Gilbert the Cow wants to try for the gelati date! (I'm sad cos I don't get to go out of the house much)

Q1: 2
Q2: 1
Q3: D

Ven Xhin said...

To mousie: I would gladly change =PPPP

*~NASTASHA~* said...

Nick has conditions (Read the fine print).

Only cute ones (animals) are eligible.

~nick~ said...

whee! answers:
Q1: 2. yes, i have failed my driving test, not once, but twice!!! =p

Q2: no, despite having like 20 ties, none of them are hot pink, despite what people might be inclined to believe.

Q3: censored answer.

suffice to say that none of you girls got all three questions right!

n looks like i´ll be taking gilbert the cow out sometime...haha!!!

Gilbert the Cow said...


*Gilbert the Cow is happy*
*Gilbert the Cow wants the weather to get warmer so that he will be allowed out of the wardrobe*
*Gilbert the Cow would like to remind Nick Ho that he is not allowed to go out without his roommate's supervision*
*Gilbert the Cow's roommate would like to remind Nick that her fasting time starts at 6.30 whereas Nick Ho's fast ends at 6 so there is a half hour window*