Sunday, 7 September 2008

do u blog?

Elo all,

Nastasha suggested that we should all link our personal blogs to this page. So, if you've got your personal blog to share, please comment and leave ur url address for me here! I will only link those of you who've responded to this entry. Otherwise, your blog will not be hyperlinked (even if I know your blog address)! =)

Be back soon with the weekly cg email tonight.

Wonderful Chow


*~NASTASHA~* said...

Oh my!
Am I the only one who wants to read ppl's blogs?

Ur one and only original tooth fairy princess' one stop shop:

HOT CHICK!!=p Put ur blog up!

Emily T said...

Haha okayla, here's a shameless plug for my blog -!

Miss Chow I know you secretly love my blog! =P

janice said...

she's not the only one who secretly loves your blog Em! hehe. but hmm now i guess it's not so secret anymore. :p

and er do i really have to post mine? -.- hahah i post really random n long n boring stuffs, so you wouldn't wanna see it, trust me... :)

Cheng Joon said...

i tried before. lost interest after 2 posts.

Emily T said...

Janice: Haha awwww. Thanks :)

And no you MUST post your blog up!!! It may be random and long but it sure ain't boring!! FYI, I went back to your archives yesterday night to read about your holidays and dinners and etc with your friends last year. Hehe. I want to go to the Korean restaurant you guys went to! Food looks sooo yummy!

mousie said...

what korean place!??
i wanna go toooooooooo

janice said...

*grumbles reluctantly*


Hahah. Kk kidding, please go bore yourselves silly. :)

And wengyan, it's Hang Guk Kwan or whatever it is. Haha.

D@rkCrusader said...

Just start up my blog...Really empty...

Ven Xhin said...

I'll try not to post so much nonsense in it if people are going to read it. Haha.

Cheng Joon said...

a totally nerdy url for a really geeky site :3