Tuesday, 22 April 2008

get to know: PAMMIE

Here's the next girl on the go!
Our beloved, PAMMIELALA!!
woot woot =P

What is the colour of Pammie's stethoscope?

A. Light blue
B. Dark blue
C. Pink
D. Red

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janice said...

C! Pink!! Hahaha.

And even if it isn't pink, pammie, you should so go paint it pink anyway! Hahaha. Whee!

Ven Xhin said...

I know Pammie is into pink-everything but just to be different, I shall go with A:Light blue!
(but I have a nagging feeling that I heard somewhere that it is pink but oh well!)

mousie said...

if i hadn't known the answer to this question, i'd like pammie to own a rainbow stethoscope!! haha! then she can count colours if she's bored at work =P

*~NASTASHA~* said...

I think I'll go for B.
After all, it was Dr Tsay's guess too...

Goliath said...

Trefor Morgan:B
Graham Parslow:A
Pantene Pro V:C
Ashwarayai Rai:A
Calbert Ceinstein:C
China man:C
Noodle Ranger:A
Mario Winans:A
P Diddy:B
The Rock Dwayne Johnson:B

Transformers!!! said...

Ok guys...
I'm sorry I spammed...
I can't delete my comment tho...=(

princesspammielala (: said...

hahaha the comment was so funnyy..stasha was it?haha

anws..the answer is... RED.

haha..the story goes like this:
my mom wants to buy me a sthethoscope, me being me wants a pink one.mommy objected it.for she hates anything pink.haha..so, i said i want a black one, because it is the "original" one, so called.haha..and somehow when i opened the box, it was red.
her reason was....
so that someone dont take my sthets accidentally..
haha i thought it was funny, because if tt's the reason, might as well get the pink one right?ohwell..anw, the pink one, is SO PRETTYYYYY *dreams
so if anyone wants a red sthethoscope, but a pink one k?so tt we can trade (: wheeee..haha

mousie said...

oh, she finally revealed the answer!!

reality kicked in hey girl? you realised there wouldn't be 1000 ppl answering rite? =P have fun with your red one! (:

and nice try nastasha! you are random. but funny random! teeheehee.