Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Year, New Vision!

I took the liberty of putting something up here so that when everyone (finally) returns, it won't be last year's posts that greet you^^

H A P P Y. N E W. Y E A R


W E L C O M E. B A C K!

So, very quickly...A FEW UPDATES!=D

Richmond AOG is changing its name! One of the reasons being that branches outside the Richmond area might be established=) I believe they were open to name suggestions, but the deadline's apparently over now!

Two chapters a day, from both the old and new testaments, beginning Feb 1 should see us completing reading the entire Bible, this time, next year!=)

The weather here has been rather erratic. There was this massive heat wave last week, which I am thankful to have missed. It caused some electricity cuts and botched up the transport systems too. Yesterday was 46 degrees and insanely hot. Following week looks more forgiving though=)

A NEW YEAR, so there's a NEW VISION!
This is The Year Of INCREASE.

As you come back, pray for God to open MORE opportunities and for MORE breakthroughs. Come back refreshed to start the year with a BIGGER fire and passion for God and people=)

It's as easy as A B C D

A. Attend a weekend church service regularly

B. Be part of the church
-The best way to feel belonged to the church, is to be INVOLVED in the church (volunteer!)

C. Connect!
- Connect groups are mid week small group meetings

D. Make a Difference
- Make that difference in your world; to the people and environment God has placed you in


janice said...

richmond is changing name? noooo.. i hope it's something nice.. if not i'm gonna call it richmond anyway.. :p

and girl, r u back in melb aredi?? y so soon?

*~NASTASHA~* said...

Ooh Janice!=D

Haha yeah it'll be kinda weird when the new name comes out.
Then again, Gorgor said it'll be even more weird if there's a "Richmond" church in Carlton!Definitely will update on that!:)

Yeah I am back in Melb coz uni starts tmw:( So until u chicks fly off, I'll be waiting to welcome you back;)