Monday, 3 November 2008

get to know: weng yan (1)

What is this?

A. Buffalo
B. Cow
C. Hippo
D. Rhino

If you answer this correctly, you get to marry me!
Because I need a partner in life who can tell the difference between the four animals above. Haha.


janice said...

har then i cannot answer la? :(

*~NASTASHA~* said...

... Taaahaa!!

1. Get to know WENG YAN??? Or to know ur ZOOLOGY!!O.o

2. Ur going to have tooooo many partners!!EVERYONE knows the ans


Junereth said...

yeah, everyone knows that the real answer isn't listed

princesspammie said... come no one answers?now im scared .haha i thought "yay!i finally know the answer!!"
haha btw girl, dont think i dont know that you google image that photo!so oyu know what that is!!hehe

mousie said...

lol. okay, if u're a female and you answer correctly, you get to be my maids.if you're a male and you answer correctly, you can be in the running to be my partner! haha

the real answer isnt listed? oh my gosh. i googled the pic okay? (and i forgot if it's hippo or rhino that i googled... tee hee) stop pulling my leg la cheng joon! =P

pammie! you're so smart huh? know i googled. hee. finally you know the answer.

BUT... i reckon u're all so unsporting. no one wanna tell me what's the real answer eh? i seriously forgot which animal i googled for. so... i've no idea what's the correct answer! haha!


janice said...

be ur maid?!?! wow what a privilege! -.-

ok then the answer is B! i'm sure of it! :D

clever leh.. *pats myself on the back*

hahaha. ;)

mousie said...

okay, so this question has been withdrawn because the quizzer has no idea which is the correct answer! =P so nobody gets to be wengyan's partner or maid!