Friday, 13 June 2008

it's all worth it.

hey guys..

really just wanna thank u guys for being a part of my life. this trip to melbourne is a huge milestone for me.. and all of u being a part of it really meant something to me.

I remember how i was scared and very wary when i first arrived.. and i really thank God that he placed u guys around me to keep me sane. somehow. heh.

i understand that yep for some.. it's really bye for good (c'mon. let's admit it), but for the others.. may we continue to cross each others' paths. ;) haha. just know that wadeva roads we're on.. it's the memories that's worth keeping.. cos we're in each other lives for His purpose alone. whether or not we understand it doesnt really matter. :)

thank you people. *teary eyed* i am really getting a lil emo mama. but yeh.. i know u guys will miss me for that. whaha. send me an email or two.. i'm thankful for inovations like facebook and msn in times like such.. cos i can still know wad u guys are up to. if i want to. heh. (KIT! GET UR BUM ONTO FB!)

alright. we're all adults. dunch cry dunch cry! come to SG when u really have nothing else better to do. and i'll get anjara or selena to bring u around. whahahah!

Take care guys.

Love tight.

*bunny flips*gone*