Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sleepover - 14 March

Hello all my lovelies! =)

Because Wengyan asked me so nicely (ok, actually she commanded me to -.-), here I am posting the pics from the sleepover we had at Amanda's place on the 14th of March. Enjoy!

The five sleeping beauties. =p
Seriously, why have a sleepover if you guys are gonna sleep in the end?? Hahah.
L-R: Wengyan, Jillian, Janice, Kitmun, Amanda

Lying/sitting around, talking nonsense.

Jillian's oh-so-yummy, mouth-watering chocolate & raisin brownie!
Guess who's the pretty girl in the background? Hehe! ;)

We like camwhoring on the streets, don't we. -.-"

Wengyan's salmon thingy. Hahah.

That's about it. =p

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